Why ClinicCare?

- Best product, best price and best service

A key question is what distinguishes ClinicCare from other systems on the market. To answer that, you will find that our system on one or several of following points distinguishes it from other products:

       ClinicCare is Modular: You only pay for the modules you need. You can start with a simple system and can expand later.

       A system designed for Chiropractors: We are committed to making the best system for Chiropractors, with a system focusing solely on their needs. The future trend will be further specialisation.

       It is not just a billing system - it a real management system: The system enables you to monitor business critical indicators – like numbers of cancellations, waiting time etc.

       Well proven/tested system: It is crucial for your business that the systems are stable and reliable. Our first windows version dates back to 1994.

       Many Chiropractors use ClinicCare: Because we have a large number of clinics we will keep on developing the system so it is up to date with technology trends.

       A complete system with a lot of functionality: During the last 12 years we have invested a lot in fine-tuning the system for use by chiropractors.  We constantly seeks to improve the system and use new technologies where appropriate

       High level of customisation: We realise that procedures can be different from clinic to clinic, so we have build in a lot of parameters that enables us to make adjustments so the system full fills the clinics needs.

       Quick system: We know that a system, which is stable and quick to use, is crucial for a successful clinic. We have therefore focused on stability and speed e.g. the system can be used very quickly without use of the mouse.

       Unique journal capabilities: ClinicCare has a unique journal capability, which allows you to define templates/tests. This makes it fast and easy to make journals and to customize them to your clinic needs.

       Remote support: We can remotely do support via the internet  – so if you have any question/problem we do not need to visit the clinic. This lowers the cost.