- The Clinic Management system

ClinicCare is made up of a standard system "ClinicCare Lite" and then additional modules can be added later.

       ClinicCare is Modular: You only pay for the modules you need. You can start with a simple system and can expand later.

       A system designed for Chiropractors: We are committed to making the best system for Chiropractors, with a system focusing solely on their needs. The future trend will be further specialisation.

       It is not just a billing system - it a real management system:The system enables you to monitor business critical indicators – like numbers of cancellations, waiting time etc.

       Many Chiropractors use ClinicCare: Because we have a large number of clinics we will keep on developing the system so it is up to date with technology trends.

       A complete system with a lot of functionality: During the last 9 years we have invested a lot in fine-tuning the system for use by chiropractors.  We constantly seeks to improve the system and use new technologies where appropriate

      Unique journal capabilities:  ClinicCare has a unique journal capability, which allows you to define templates/tests. This makes it fast and easy to make journals and to customize them to your clinic needs.

       Remote support: We can remotely do support via the internet  – so if you have any question/problem we do not need to visit the clinic. This lowers the cost.

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